8 ways to increase immunity in children

Keeping children germ-free can be a full-time job for parents. Infectious bacteria can be found everywhere, from school desks to bathrooms to play areas, and given that kids make more contact than adults (sharing books and toys, and because they play together), they are most at risk for catching—and spreading—infections.

Pledge to better health

Adapting healthy habits is especially important today, given the growing threat of lifestyle diseases. According to a recent study, 25% of Indians may die of lifestyle diseases before they are 70. A healthy lifestyle can reduce risk of health problems

Doctor 24X7 practically saved my life

After discovering that he was allergic to shellfish in 2005, when a reaction to crab fried rice sent him to the hospital, Ashutosh Sharma has been extremely careful about steering clear of crustaceans. But recently, the 44-year-old entrepreneur found himself in a similar situation when an online kitchen got his order mixed up.

Winter diet: 10 foods that can help you beat the cold weather

It gets dark by 6.30 pm, there’s more than a nip in the air when you step out early morning or late night, and you have to push yourself to get out of bed in the morning. Winter’s in full swing, and while bundling up is one way to keep the cold at bay, incorporating warming foods in your daily diet is also essential.

Do you need a tetanus shot?

A nail pierced your foot? Metal doorpull cut your fingertip? Got a bad burn?
Is the first thought that enters your head – do I need a tetanus shot?
Tetanus may no longer be listed as a public health threat, but the vaccine-preventable disease continues to be a major concern in India.


Quit smoking action plan: how to stop cigarettes for good

If your New Year resolution is to quit smoking, you’re in good company. It may seem tough but a lot many people do fight their tobacco cravings and give up smoking. Stay on course with this 13-step quit smoking action plan through the year to ensure that 2017 is the year you actually make your healthy resolution a reality.

Six ways to overcome the effects of stress on sex

Between work, family and life’s many other demands, sex often comes in last on a person’s to-do list. Daily stressors take a toll on physical, emotional and relationship health, but many people fail to realise how they can ruin time between the sheets.

How to drink alcohol without gaining weight

Who doesn’t love a good party? While everyone should cut loose and enjoy the revelry, it’s also important to be smart about your drinking. Many of us don’t realise just how many calories alcohol contains.

depression treatments

9 natural depression treatments

Dengue, chikungunya and the flu we all talk about, but most of us get uncomfortable at the mention of the “D” word. But it’s high time we acknowledged depression now that a survey by the National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences in 12 states in October 2016 has revealed that one in every 20 people in India suffers from depression.


Cholesterol wont go down? You may be making these mistakes

Cholesterol has been demonised so often that it only brings to mind danger and disease. But cholesterol is both friend and foe. At normal levels, it helps the body function; at high levels, it can put you at risk of a heart attack.


9 steps to stop your child from bedwetting

It can be extremely frustrating for you, and embarrassing for your child, but bedwetting is very common across the world. Many parents think their children should be able to stay dry at night once they are potty trained during the day.