Deepti BhallaAfter doing the rounds of several doctors to no avail, Deepti Bhalla was anxious to find a cure for her 18-month-old baby’s allergies. The pollen allergy had left her infant daughter with swollen eyes and red under-eye rashes. “I was really upset as I had already been to see several doctors but the baby wasn’t responding to any medication,” says Deepti, a full time mother. That’s when she decided to try the Dr 24x7 app. Connected to a doctor within a minute, she was allowed enough time to describe her daughter’s allergy (and also vent a little!) “She’s my first child, and I was so hassled that I kept repeating the problem. But the doctor was so patient even though I was calling her at midnight!” Deepti reveals.

After speaking to the doctor, I knew I could trust her with my baby’s health

The Dr 24x7 app allowed her to send the doctor a photo of her daughter’s allergy. The medical prescription was uploaded barely five minutes after the consult and the chemist had no problem accepting it. The medicines prescribed were easily available. While Deepti admits she was a little hesitant about taking advice for her baby from a doctor she wasn’t face-to-face with, her fears were quickly put to rest. “I hadn’t met her or seen her, but I could tell the doctor was experienced from her advice, such as she didn’t believe in giving kids antibiotics,” says the Delhi resident. Deepti’s regular pediatrician, whom she subsequently contacted, was in complete agreement with the medicine prescribed and overall line of treatment.

Dr 24x7 won’t cut your call mid-consult if your money runs out

Deepti has since used the app twice, when she and her husband were down with viral fever. Having used other doctor-on-call apps, she believes the Dr 24x7 experience was by far a superior one. “The other apps I’ve used are by-the-minute consults, where you have to pay for a specific time period and then get to speak to a doctor. If the money runs out, your call is disconnected and you have to recharge your account to continue. Worse still, you have to start all over again when you call back.” Dr 24x7, on the other hand, is not a time bound call. “The doctors never rush you through a session and are happy to explain their line of treatment. You feel great because sitting at home, you’re getting a physician consult.” Deepti has been recommending the service to friends and family. “I used to think these apps were all money making schemes. But after using Dr 24x7, my view has changed,” she says. Download the Doctor 24×7 app and speak to a qualified big-city Doctor anytime, from anywhere. 24X7. 
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