RupinderIn January 2016, Rupinder Singh’s wife, Rachna, had gone with her side of the family and her five-year-old daughter to Puri for a holiday. A day before their return to Kolkata, their daughter fell severely ill with food poisoning. “My wife called me from Puri to say our daughter was throwing up,” says Rupinder, a celebrity, PR and event management consultant. “There were two other kids in the group and all of them had similar symptoms.” Rupinder and Rachana had downloaded the Dr 24x7 app and it came to their rescue. “We called up the doctor four times that night because my wife was in a panic. We had a train to catch early next morning,” says Rupinder. “We called up the doctor at 9.26 pm, 10.30 pm, 1.05 am and 6.44 am. I thought they would not pick up at such times but each time they answered promptly. We received the prescription within 10 minutes of speaking to the doctor. The two other children also benefitted from the same medicine.”

The speed and quality of service is excellent

This was not the first time Rupinder and Rachna were using the app. Rupinder has had it on his phone since August 2015. “We have used it for my tennis elbow, when my wife had heart palpitations and a number of times for our daughter when she complained of earache and other symptoms,” says Rupinder. He is happy with both the speed and quality of service. “The doctors are highly qualified and have a lot of experience. Their registration numbers and clinics they are associated with are also listed on the app.” A satisfied Rupinder is now recommending the app to his friends. “In fact, I have used the app on behalf of friends as well,” he says. “A health scare in an unfamiliar location is anybody’s nightmare scenario. That’s when the app came to our rescue.” Download the Doctor 24×7 app and speak to a qualified big-city Doctor anytime, from anywhere. 24X7. 
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